New Coming!Anti-Microbial Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone


Does it ever occur to you how dirty the phone you play with in your hands every day really is?
Most people don't think of mobile phones or mobile phone screens as being dirty. From the outside, it looks clean and tidy, with at most a few dusty dots scattered about. Some people also like to put all sorts of cute or fresh stickers on their mobile phone screens to make them look more beautiful. However, the truth is that the seemingly clean screens that people use every day are actually quite dirty.

How Dirty is the Surface of Our Phones?
Back in 2011, a British researcher tested 63 million mobile phones and proved that 14.7 million of them posed a health risk; the average mobile phone carried 18 times the amount of bacteria as the men's toilet flush handle!

Even though we know that our phone screens are dirty, no one would normally have nothing better to do than wipe them every day.

The reason why you have to wipe your screen is because it is dirty, greasy, fingerprinted or dusty, which affects the touch and viewing experience, especially for people with OCD.

Insurance2go conducted a survey which showed that about 35% of those surveyed never cleaned their mobile phone screens, they did not use wet wipes, alcohol wipes or special sanitary fluids to clean their phone screens, and some of them had not even wiped their phone screens from water since they started using them.

This shows that although people are keen to use their mobile phones for work and entertainment, few people notice the problem of mobile phone cleaning and people are usually not used to or happy to clean their phones. Many people think that the phone screen already looks clean and there is no need to take the time to clean it.

In this regard, researchers say that it is important not to take things at face value. It may look clean and tidy on the outside, but there are many microorganisms and bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye.

What's New?

For infants and young children,frail elderly people infected with e.coil, it’s easy to cause diarrhea, even sepsis. And 30-40% of bacterial food poisoning was caused by staphylococcus aureus.

To avoid these situations, we now adapt a new kind of anti-microbial glass in the tempered glass of our mobile phone screen protectors, which can help protect against 99% of bacteria.

The Details of the Anti-Microbial Screen Protectors
a).Extremely thin-At just 0.33mm thin,it’s up to 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors.

b).More Flexible-Atomically strengthened which is stronger than heat-treated tempered glass.

C).Anti-Scratch- 100% Original Japanese asahi glass, with 13 producing technologies making the protector hardness up to 9H.

d).Anti-Explosion-Higher flexibility glass with the silicon glue make the protector have better buffer and can bear stronger shock resistance.

e).Easy to install - You can install the screen protector anywhere! It’s really that easy. Just stick it on the screen and it can automatic adsorption.

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