How many types of mobile phone screens are there?


Mobile phone screens are mainly divided into two categories, LCD screen and LED screen. There are two main differences between them. First, LED screen can save more power. Second, the LED screen has less blue light.

Let's talk about it in detail.

Why does the LED screen save more power? This is because the LED screen does not light up when it displays black. This feature not only makes the color of LED screen more pure when displaying black, but also can save a lot of power. This feature has obvious advantages in mobile phones. Because the cell phone is limited by the size of the product, the battery cannot be very large. Better battery life is a problem that cannot be overcome by all manufacturers. It is undoubtedly a good way to enhance battery life to choose the screen with LED as the most mobile phone in this period. According to this feature, various manufacturers have played some tricks, which is the most intuitive. We should use the screen clock function most, which is developed by making good use of the screen feature, black does not emit light. On the contrary, this function cannot be realized on LCD phones. Because this will increase the pressure on the cell phone battery dramatically, and cannot guarantee the basic battery life of the phone.

LED screen has less blue light. In recent years, with the continuous enrichment of mobile phone functions, mobile phone is no longer a simple communication tool. He appears more and more in other places of our lives. Whether it's mobile payment, taking photos and watching videos, or playing games and Tiktok in spare time. It's no exaggeration to say that we can't live without mobile phones. It is precisely because of this strong dependence on mobile phones that we pay more and more attention to the blue light problem of mobile phone screens. You can recall that in the early days of smart phones, more than 90% of mobile phones used LCD screens. But slowly, especially in the last two years, there are basically only LED mobile phones on the market. This is also because of our increasing dependence on mobile phones and the optimization of our products. Compared with LCD screen, LED screen performs much better in terms of screen blue light.

Although LED has absolute advantages in the overall use experience, LCD is indeed better than LED in stroboscopic performance. Therefore, we should experience more according to our own needs and find a more suitable mobile screen.