Q1.Who are you?

A1.We are a factory that has been wholesaling mobile accessories in China for 13 years. We are a manufacturer, not a trader.We have 15 production lines with world advanced technology and have introduced advanced technical equipment, such as laminating machines, separators, defoaming machines, etc.And we have conducted quality tests in advance to ensure strict quality control before delivery.


Q2. How could I buy the products I need if there is no price in the website?

A2.Buyers need to send required product details to us via e-mail info@szscrctech.com or WhatsApp+8613352975890, and we will provide reasonable quotations as request.


Q3.How long could I get reply of my enquiry?

A3.Buyers will get a reply within 24 hours.


Q4.Is customization service supported?

A4.Of course, we can customize your company’s logo, packaging, etc.


Q3.What kind of warranty you offer?

A3.We provide12 months warranty term for most.


Q4. How about the after sales service?

A.  We have a huge team which is in charge of after-sales service, also a service hotline dealing with buyers’complains and feedback.

B.  We offer 24-hour online service to help buyers solving problems.

C.  We offer buyers updated market information regularly.

D.  We offer full- package service for those buyers visitingscrcmall.com.


Q1. What are the terms of payments you offer?

A1.We accept payment of T/T, Paypal.


Q2. How to apply refund?

A2.Once the PI has been confirmed and your ordered goods are ready, a refund will not be available for a canceled order. But we will refund to you in time in the case that we could not offer the products required, due to the shortage or unavailability.


Q1. How long will it take to deliver goods?

A1.We will start preparing goods upon receipt of buyers’ T/T copy. After receiving your full payment, we will deliver the goods within the deadline which both parties agreed.


Q2. What kind of packaging you offer?

A2.During the packaging process, preventive measures will be taken by us to assure that the goods are in a good condition during storage and delivery.


Q3. What kind of transportation methods you offer?

A. For spare-parts, we use express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS, as we enjoy very good discount in these companies. But if buyers provide us accounts of their own, transportation fee paid by such accounts are also welcomed.

B. For goods with large package, we will transport by air and sea, and we will confirm freight with buyers’ prior delivery.


Q4. How about the insurance during transportation? How to deal with the responsibility?

A4.Buyers should take the full responsibility for shortage of goods if the goods are checked by any custom during transportation. During transportation, if goods are missed because of having been detained by custom in China, all loss thus occurred should be borne by us; if missing or detained of goods are occurred in other country except China, all loss should be borne by buyers.


Q5. What Locations can you ship to?

A5.Our products can be delivered all over the world. Please contact us for the details.


Q6.Can I put my multiple orders together to ship? Can I make my order shipment in batches?

A6.Your multiple orders can be shipped together. But you must fill in the same shipping address for each order, and give clear indication in the note of each order which orders you want to combined.And sure you can also make your order shipment in batches.If you have any problems with shipping, please contact SCRCTECH's sales staff for the best shipping advice and solutions.


Q7.Can I change my shipping address and logistics channel after order submission?

A7.As long as the goods haven't been shipped, you can contact our sales to help modify .As long as your goods haven’t been shipped, you can contact our sales for modification.


Q8.How long will it takes to receive goods?

A8.2-3 days for Asia, 4 to 7 days for North America and Europe , 5-8 days for South America.Feel free to contact us for more details.


Q9.Can batteries be shipped?

A9.Batteries can be shipped. Because batteries belong to dangerous goods, they need to be separated from ordinary goods and transported using special dangerous goods logistics channels. SCRCTECH will automatically identify and help to separate them, and you just need to select the logistics channel you want.


Q10.Will commodity packaging be damaged in transit?

A10.SCRCTECH takes effective protection measures verified for many times to guarantee the commodity packaging in good condition in the process of storage and transportation, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Q11.Does it need customs declaration and customs clearance in and out of the customs? Who will take charge of the fee?

A11.You need customs clearance whether you are out of the customs or into the customs. SCRCTECH will assume the cost for Outbound customs declaration of commodity within Chinese territory. If your package need to be paid tariffs in the process of import customs clearance, buyer should assume it. In particular, there is no need for customers to pay tariff for your general civil parcel. But for commercial packages, customers usually need to pay a certain amount of tariffs. The weight of package is one of the important bases to judge your package belonging to general civil parcel or commercial packages for the customs in different countries. Parcels weighing more than 20kg are likely to be considered commercial parcels, so it is recommended that parcels weighing more than 20kg be sent separately. As customs duty standards vary from country to country, you are advised to know the local customs duty.


Q12.I haven't received my goods, were they cut off in the customs?

A12.There are many reasons why the goods haven’t been received.

A.One is because of customs clearance, usually the logistics company will inform you of customs clearance in such case.

B.The customers provide the wrong contact information or for other reasons cause that the logistics company can’t get in touch with you, so they can’t do customs clearance.

C.Time-delay is generated by special inspections of certain goods by local customs.

D.Your goods are detained by customs, the local customs will show the buckle goods notice. SCRCTECH has professional staff to track the logistics status. Once there is an exception in logistics, SCRCTECH will contact with you to deal with it.


Q13.What should I do if the goods are detained by customs , who will bear the loss caused by this?

A13.We would assist you to clear the custom in your country, but we would take no responsibility for the lost resulting from the package detained due to your fault. 

Goods Return

Q1.What should I do if the quantity of receiving goods is less or I receive the wrong goods?

A1.In such case, please contact SCRCTECH sales immediately. SCRCTECH will reissue the goods, or you can also choose to return them. SCRCTECH will reimburse the customer for any direct damage caused by this.


Q2.After cancellation of the order, when can I receive the refund and where will the refund back to?

A2.It generally takes about 5 working days after the financial audit to return the order refund to your account.


Q3.Who is responsible for the return and exchange freight?

A3.If the goods are returned for your personal reasons such as you are not satisfied with the good, you will share the shipping costs of sending the goods back. If the goods are returned for its quality problems, you may need to pay for the freight beforehand, SCRCTECH will return the freight to you for your new order after receiving your goods and checking.


Q1.Do your commodity prices include tax? Do I need to pay other taxes?

A1.The commodity prices on SCRCTECH is only the prices of goods and doesn’t include any taxes and freight. According to the regulation of local customs, you may need to Pay the tariff. The civil parcel whose weight is less than 20kg is duty free according to the customs convention around the world. You can check the local customs provisions for details.


Q2.Can I get an excellent product at a very large discount if my order is large?

A2.SCRCTECH provides its customers with higher quality goods than those in the industry. The company's business strategy is to provide maximum profit for customers, grow with them and keep low profit in the long run. SCRCTECH maintains the gross margin at 1%-9% according to the different characteristics of goods. What SCRCTECH pays attention to is the long-term cooperation with customers, regardless of the short-term profit and without price adjustment. Therefore,  regardless of whether the customer's order is large or small, he or she can enjoy preferential prices marked on SCRCTECH.


Q3.What should I do if price reduces after my purchase?

A3.Due to the frequent fluctuations in market price, adjustments to the price of your order after payment are normal and no changes to your order are allowed for your benefit. The price fluctuates along with the market situation.It will either work in your favor or against you. Once you pay for your order, the invoice will be valid. And the order price will not change with market price changes.

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