Why does OLED screen occupy the mainstream position now, but LCD screen gradually fades away?


The choice of screen material for mobile phones has always been a struggle between OLED screens and LCD screens. In the early days, most mobile phones used LCD screens. In recent years, many manufacturers have begun to use OLED screens. However, the latest statistical information shows that the current LCD screen still has a high share.

Why does OLED screen occupy the mainstream position now, but LCD screen gradually fades away?

In this environment, we can only use the new low-end LCD display. If we really want to use high-quality LCD screen mobile phones, we can only choose the flagship or foreign products a few years ago. The so-called 3000 5000 standard is for the lighting industry, and the curve is different considering the depth. In addition, the LCD is also high-frequency. Even with this lamp industry standard, as long as it is below the safety line, there will be no problem.

At least 1/3 of people like LCD, maybe 2/5 of them. It's not because of the small demand that the mobile phone manufacturers don't do it, but they find that many people don't change their mobile phones if their mobile phones are not bad. It's just that the OLED screen has a short life and is easy to burn, and the display effect is good. Because the mobile phones don't use high-end LCD screens, the component manufacturers don't produce high-end LCD screens.

In order to protect the eyes, it is necessary to reduce the number of users of LCD screen mobile phones on this basis. However, generally, users at this level must also post questions online, so it seems that there are many people who need this online. However, the advantages of oled, such as its flexibility, small chin component, good appearance, and large viewing angle, cannot be overcome by the nature of lcd screen. Therefore, the future trend must be that oled will replace lcd and solve the disadvantages of current oled.