What is the cause of heating when charging the mobile phone battery


In many cases, the charging of our mobile phone battery is always accompanied by heating. Sometimes it's only slightly hot, sometimes even a little hot. Many users are distressed by this. How does the phone get hot when charging? Some people always like to play games while charging their mobile phones, which causes the mobile phones to be in a hot state for a long time. Does this cause any harm to the mobile phone? Is there any way? Solution? Now we have Deji battery manufacturer to explain to you one by one

1、 Why does the phone get hot when charging?

The charging mode of NiMH battery is "constant current". NiMH battery is not afraid of overcharging. When the nickel hydrogen battery is overcharged, reverse reaction will occur to prevent excessive voltage rise. This reaction causes the battery to heat slightly. In addition, nickel metal hydride batteries are usually equipped with thermistors to prevent overcharging. At present, the working voltage of most mobile phones is about 3.6V, so three nickel metal hydride batteries are required. Generally, the nickel metal hydride battery cell will stop when overcharged to about 1.4-1.5V, and the maximum voltage of the three cell battery is about 4.4V.

2、 What is the harm of heating for a long time when charging mobile phones?

1. Long term heating of the cell phone battery will cause the internal components of the phone to heat up, causing the phone to restart or hang up during the call.

2. Long term heating of the mobile phone battery will increase the heat of the battery itself. If the battery is sealed (NOKIA and the like are not sealed, and the battery is installed directly), the internal air will expand greatly, causing the battery to look outward. Protrusion, which may lead to battery explosion.

3. Long term heating of mobile phone battery will accelerate the aging process of mobile phone itself and shorten its life.

3、 What is the solution to the heating of mobile phone charging?

Don't make a fuss when your phone feels hot while charging. This is energy conversion. We just need to take a small square towel, dip it in alcohol, and apply it to the hot place. After a few minutes of even application, the heat will dissipate rapidly. Helps protect the battery. Of course, if there is no alcohol, it can also be replaced by water, but be careful not to touch too much water to avoid water soaking into some gaps of the phone and damaging the phone parts. It is better to turn off all software running in the background of the phone when charging. Another very important point is that you must use the phone charger suitable for your phone.