9 Hidden iPhone Settings You Need to Know


When you watch someone using their iPhone, you may find that they are doing many things very differently from you. You may find them doing interactions that you've never seen before. This isn't surprising, since the average iPhone user doesn't use many of its best features.
Smartphones have evolved into very powerful and sophisticated devices these days, and unless you pay special attention, you won't even realize what they can do. Here are 9 tips and features about the iPhone that a large percentage of users seem to be completely unaware of, which should apply to most modern iPhones. Let's learn them together.

Setting Your Default Web Browser

Default Browser App is now an option. It may be a later tip and sounds kind of boring,but Apple is really sneaky about this in the Settings App. Why would somebody on an iPhone wanna use Chrome? Well, there’s a whole lot of reasons,especially if you use Chrome on a PC or a Mac. There is a lot of synchronization that Chrome can do that Safari can’t do if you’re a Google person. So this is definitely a setting to watch out for,which can actually save some headaches.

1 Setting Your Default Web Browser

Spotlight Search

Next up,we’re gonna talk about spotlight search. This is something that is really popular in Macs,not so much on iPhones. Spotlight Search is one of the most underrated features of iOS. It  is a great feature which defines the "iPhone experience" for me and makes my life easier. It searches Mail and Notes,Safari history and all the apps. This is how I open apps on my phone 99% of the time because I’m not gonna swipe through and look for things. Spotlight search brings it all together and it’s customizable. While iOS 15 has many features like FaceTime Links, Offline Siri, and Live Text, Apple has made one of the silent improvements to Spotlight search. It's now more powerful and easier to access.

2 Set up Spotlight Search

Stop Apps from Showing up in Search

So,what if you had a dating app on your phone,like Match or something and you didn’t want that to be showing up whenever you’re searching for something? It could be embarrassing if you’re in public.Now, if you don’t want one of these apps to show up in search,just go into the Settings app,and you can turn off the “suggest app”. It might take a little bit of customization to get you to be comfortable with it.

3 How to Stop Apps from Showing up in Search

LED Flash for Alerts

In contrast to some Android phones, Apple iPhone does not have a dedicated notification LED that lights up when you receive a call, text message, or other alert. IPhone has an optional assistive feature designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing that flashes the rear camera's flash and provides a visual cue for incoming notifications. Here my beg of you is to be careful of this feature because it can be kind of annoying for people.So only use it if you need to. 

4 How to Set LED Flash for Alerts

Make Your iPhone Passcode More Secure

For a long time, passwords were the default four-digit passcode, but in iOS 9, Apple started making the six-digit passcode the default option. The six-digit passcode offers one million possible combinations instead of 10,000, which makes the passcode harder to crack. Actually, iOS operating system provides an option to make your password more secure by using an alphanumeric password or a custom length numeric password. Alphanumeric passwords contain letters and numbers. Both alphanumeric and custom numeric passwords can be much longer than 4 or 6 digits.

5 Secure Your iPhone Passcode

Safari Privacy Report

Next up, we wanna show you how to see who is tracking you when you are on a web page in Safari.When you browse the Internet, you're always being tracked by ad trackers who want to know exactly what you're looking at, what you're clicking on, where you are, how long you've been looking at a site, and are trying to analyze you for marketing purposes. Safari's newly released Privacy Report lets you see exactly which ad trackers are running on the sites you visit and which are blocked by Safari blocked. 

6 Turn on Safari Privacy Report

Face ID While Wearing a Mask

Next, a new IOS 15.4 feature. A little bit overdue here, but it’s face ID while wearing a mask. You used to be able to do this with an Apple Watch. Now you can do it without the Apple Watch. However, you need to update your iPhone to IOS 15.4 for this to work. It’s pretty much the standard face ID process. The way it works is that it notices the small details in your eyes when you put the mask on and move your face around. When you’re using this feature,don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work all that well because you’re wearing a mask and sometimes that can come up a little bit or come down a little bit if you’re wearing a hat. It’s been pretty hit or miss for me.

7 Use Face ID with a Mask

Tap Back

Tap the back of your iPhone two or three times,and it will do something cool. The possibilities for iPhone Back Tap customization controls are limited almost only by your imagination, as the feature works with Shortcut Key app automation. But if you want to make things easier, you can tap twice or three times on the back of your iPhone to do things like open Control Center, take a screenshot, or enable accessibility features like AssistiveTouch, VoiceOver, Zoom, etc.

8 Tap Back Setting

One-handed iPhone Keyboard

With iPhones getting larger and larger, it’s getting more and more difficult to just type with one hand unless you have the iPhone SE, for instance. People got above average size hands could sometimes be unable to reach across the screen to type the letters they want. Here is the easy way to turn on the one-handed iPhone keyboard. Bring up the keyboard on your iPhone,touch and hold the globe or emoji keyboard button, press the right or left hand layout as indicated by the arrow on the side of the keyboard icon
Once set up, you will find that the keyboard moves to one side of the screen and one-handed typing becomes much easier.

9 One-handed iPhone Keyboard Setting

Got stuck? Not sure how to do certain things on your Apple device? Let us know via service@szscrctech.com and a future tutorial might provide a solution.

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