8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Incell Screens


In-Cell Technology may also be called in-cell touch technology. Typically,aftermarket LCD screens always use "on-cell" screen technology, where the screen of a device includes an LCD screen covered by a digitizer The input information is displayed on the LCD. When you touch the screen, the digitizer converts your movements into actions. However, a new technology has now appeared on the market. It is called "in-cell screen technology" and combines the LCD and digitizer into a single element.


Caption 1 On-cell VS In-cell

What Is In-Cell Technology?

The In-Cell consists of front glass, front polarizer, touch sensor and LCD, rear polarizer and backlight. In-cell places the ITO touch film under the glass substrate of the display.In-cell screen technology is way ahead of On-cell. it combines LCD and digital display, providing smartphone makers with a lot of room to operate and add new features.


Why You Should Choose SCRS Incell Screen?

SCRS is a mobile phone screen factory that is dominated by mobile phone screens and matched with mobile phone accessories, integrating R&D, production and sales.

SCRS In-cell screen use the most advanced In-cell technology and high quality materials that have passed strict QC standards to bring the best quality screens to our customers.In this article, we will show you the theory of LCD screen construction and the key differences between in-cell and out-cell screens. More importantly, we will show you why SCRS series screens distinguish themselves from many aftermarket branded screens.

High Brightness and Comfortable Light

With a brightness of 610.99cd/and a color temperature of up to 7355k, SCRS high-brightness LCD glows brightly in direct sunlight, making it an ideal solution for outdoor, semi-outdoor and window-facing applications.


In our in-cell displays, the LCD and Digitiser panel are placed directly below the front glass, providing clearer and more vibrant photos, videos and text.Our screens are more eye friendly than other standard LCD screens and give you an OEM experience.

Caption 2:High Brightness and Comfortable Light

OEM Screen Structure

In-cell screens are much more robust than in-cell screens as they are a single element as opposed to separate glued assemblies.

Additionally, there are no visible raster lines and the image resolution is higher than standard LCD screens. Our sourcing team actually compared the image resolution of in-cell screens and OEM screens!

Our LCDs are equipped with the latest IC chips condensed into a quarter of the size with the same features currently found on OEM screens which is perfectly compatible for iPhone.

Caption 3:OEM Screen Structure

With High Definition

The display resolution is the number of different pixels that can be displayed on the screen in each dimension. Standard display resolution dimensions include:

● High Definition (HD): 1280 x 720 pixels

 Full HD (FHD): 1920 x 1080 pixels

 2K or Quad HD (QHD): 2560 x 1440 pixels

 4K or Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 pixels

Phones with smaller screens can also have clear picture quality, i.e. high resolution.

With a higher definition display, the SCRS in-cell screen provides a clear picture to show you a more realistic world.

Caption 4:High Definition


Pure Black in Dark

The in-cell LCD is darker than the OLED screen and has a lower screen display color gamut and resolution. When the phone is in standby, our SCRS in-cell LCD screen can display pure black while others may not black enough and show uneven light distribution.

Caption 5:Pure Black in Dark


Lower Power Consumption

SCRS In-cell screen for iPhone uses LTPS LCD as raw material. It is characterized by low power consumption and avoids screen ghost touch caused by high screen power consumption. SCRC In-cell LCD is designed with stable performance, stable voltage and current, and no signal interference to FPC components. The touch screen is sensitive to touch without interruption interference.

With low watts/nits ratings, SCRS offers some of the most energy-efficient, low-power professional LCD's in the industry. It ensures less heating problems during use and provides longer battery life.

Caption 6:Lower Power Consumption

Compact Fitness

We all know that the space inside a smartphone case is extremely limited. Therefore, the benefit of in-cell displays is to add space inside the smartphone compartment, which allows manufacturers to introduce new features such as larger battery size, dual cameras, better processors as well as RAM to improve the performance and functionality of your smartphone.

In-cell displays are truly innovative because they combine digitizers, use touch input, and integrate the LCD screen into a single-layer display, making the device thinner and lighter.

Caption 7:Compact Fitness


True Tone Supported

It is well known that the True Tone feature of the iPhone is disabled when the screen is replaced. Most people think that this problem only happens with aftermarket screens, which means that if you use an aftermarket screen, the true tones are gone. So you may hear the argument that if your screen doesn't have the true tone feature, it means that the screen you are replacing is not the original one.


It is not true as even the original iPhone screen will lose its true tint after replacement. Therefore, how to restore the true tone display becomes a problem. In order to meet the market demand, various true tone restoration tools have been created.


SCRS In-cell LCD Screens are guaranteed to produce a bright, vivid image with no more than 9% brightness and color degradation for 5 years of continuous use.Each screen produces a natural image that has an associated color temperature of daylight.With the correct tools and SCRS In-cell screens ,you can perfectly replace your old screens for iPhone X to iPhone 12 series.

Caption 8True Tone Supported


Support Display IC Transplant

After replacing the new screen of iPhone 11-13 series, is there a way to restore the true tone while removing pop-up messages?

SCRS in-cell screens for iPhone now support display IC transplant.This means that you can remove the "Display Warning Message "by simply transplanting genuine screen IC only supported by original quality new screen.You can't go wrong with this more cost effective solution.

Caption 9:Support Display IC Transplant


Quality is our top priority and all our screens are 100% rigorously tested before shipping. So you can rest assured that this screen will not have any defects.


Should you be interested in our products, please feel free to contact us:Info@szscrctech.com,we will reply you within 24 hours.

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