The difference between OLED screen and LCD screen of iphone(2)


The light-emitting principle and structure of OLED and LCD are completely different, so the display effects presented by these two types of screens are also different. Let me describe the difference between the two in easy-to-understand words, which will help you choose a mobile phone.
Difference 6: Touch sampling rate

The touch sampling rate of the two is also different. The default standard touch sampling rate, OLED is obviously more "follow-up" than LCD. When playing games and performing complex and fast operations, OLED is obviously better to use. The feeling of "playing where", and the LCD screen wants to achieve the effect of the OLED screen, it can only be achieved by increasing the touch sampling rate.

Difference 7: Cost

Under the condition that the brand and specifications are not much different, the cost of OLED screen is higher than that of LCD screen. For example, the replacement screen of Apple 11Pro is more expensive than that of Apple 11, because the 11Pro uses an OLED screen, and the 11 uses an LCD screen, so Usually, OLED screens are more expensive, and curved screens are more expensive.

Difference 8: Durability
There are so many places where LCD is inferior to OLED, but there are still so many users who support LCD. The main reason is that the durability of LCD is much higher than that of OLED. What we often call "burn-in" is one of the aging phenomena of OLED. LCD is usually used for changing mobile phones, and there is no obvious aging phenomenon.

Difference nine: form difference
Has anyone seen a curved screen phone with an LCD screen? Don't be in a hurry to answer, I believe that LCD can be made into a curved screen, but it is impossible to achieve the large curvature of OLED. The current curved screen mobile phones and folding screen mobile phones use OLED screens of different technologies, and LCDs are not "flexible". properties, so it cannot be used on curved or foldable phones.

Difference 10: strobe
Put an OLED screen mobile phone and an LCD screen mobile phone together, open the same white interface, and then use another mobile phone to shoot the two mobile phones, you can clearly see the OLED screen flickering in the video, while the LCD can be ignored. Regardless, you can't see the difference with the naked eye, but looking at these two screens for a long time, OLED is obviously more tiring.

Difference 11: Fragility
Through my observation, there are many cases where the LCD outer screen is broken and the inner screen is intact, while the OLED inner screen is relatively easy to be damaged. Small cracks on the outer screen are not a problem. Liquid leakage and flower screen are very common, so the brittleness of LCD is lower than that of OLED screen, which is relatively economical.

The OLED screen and LCD screen of Apple's mobile phone are both good quality screens. Both screens have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although LCD is not as good as OLED in display and touch effect, it is obviously less harmful to the eyes, and more It is economical, but the comprehensive experience of OLED screen is much stronger than that of LCD. According to your own needs for the screen, you can choose according to the differences listed above.

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