The difference between LCD and LED


Compared with LCD displays, LED displays have more advantages in terms of brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate. The navigation to this web page has been cancelled. Using LED technology, it is possible to make displays that are thinner, brighter, and sharper than LCDs.

1. The power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is about 1:10, and LED is more energy-efficient.

2. LED has a higher refresh rate and has better performance in video.

3. The LED provides a wide viewing angle of 160°, which can display various characters, numbers, color images and animation information, and can play color video signals such as TV, video, VCD, DVD, etc.

4. The reaction speed of a single element of the LED display screen is 1000 times that of the LCD liquid crystal screen.

Lcd And Touch Screen Oled And Touch Screen

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