Advantages of lcd screens


When it comes to LCD displays, everyone is familiar with them. It is the mainstream of today's display industry. Many terminal products use LCD displays as output devices. So today I will take a closer look at its advantages.

1. Slim and lightweight: We all know that the TVs we used in the 1980s were still CRT monitors, which were big and bulky. With the continuous development of the display industry, the liquid crystal display screen has come out, and through continuous improvement and replacement, it has become the LCD display screen we use today. Requirements for being thin and light. The thickness of some thin models of display modules currently produced can reach 1.4mm.
2. Good display effect: Since each point of the LCD screen always maintains the same color and brightness after receiving the signal, and emits constant light, unlike CRT, it needs to constantly refresh the bright spots, so the LCD screen has high picture quality And absolutely no flickering, keeping eye strain to a minimum.

3. Low energy consumption: The display principle of the LCD screen is to restore the picture by twisting the deflection angle of the liquid crystal molecules and the background light in the liquid crystal pixel. of x-rays exceeded. Moreover, the machine structure circuit is simple, the modularization and the high integration of the chip are enough to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated when the circuit is working. Such a design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit and generates very little heat.

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