What are the advantages of OLED screens?


First, the OLED screen is a self-illuminating display mechanism. Therefore, OLED can achieve screen-off display. Of course, LCD can also achieve this effect, but it consumes too much power. OLED screen also has pure black (no light), ultra-high contrast, thin, power saving, good color ( The display color is bright, everyone likes bright colors, all have the advantages of OLED screen more pleasing to the eye) and so on.

 Second, the OLED screen has realized the fingerprint under the screen, and the fingerprint technology under the LCD screen is still under research.

 The OLED screen will make the mobile phone have a smaller screen frame, which can achieve a real full screen (the kind of a whole screen on the front of the mobile phone, the LCD screen is difficult to achieve a real full screen with the current technology due to the screen arrangement).

  Of course, the OLED screen also has a fatal flaw, which is that the OLED screen is easy to catch on the eyes, especially in a dark environment, the OLED screen is particularly harmful to the eyes, and the colors are too bright, which makes the eyes more tired.

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