Analysis of the current situation and prospects of the smartphone market


A smartphone refers to a type of mobile phone that, like a personal computer, has an independent operating system and can be installed by users through third-party service providers such as software and games. These programs continuously expand the functionality of the phone and enable wireless network access through mobile communication networks.

In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart phones continue to be popularized at an extremely fast speed under the promotion of manufacturers, operators and other parties. The hardware and software technologies of smartphones have made qualitative leaps, and dual core or even quad core smartphones are no longer rare. There are also more choices and new developments in operating systems. The expansion of the Chinese smartphone market is largely due to the promotion and popularization of mid to low-end smartphones by major smartphone manufacturers and operators. China is leading the way in the era of smartphone parity. The development of domestic smartphone companies in China has attracted attention from all parties, with Chinese companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and Xiaomi becoming one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world.

With the rapid expansion of China's mobile terminal user base, the growth of mobile terminal users is inseparable from the rapid expansion of the domestic smartphone market. In the era of mobile Internet, driven by market demand, terminal companies accelerated to improve their product line layout, and operators spared no effort to invest in terminals. Smart phone sales showed explosive growth, and the market gradually moved towards large-scale development** In the year, the shipment volume of smartphones in China was 423 million units, a year-on-year increase of 64.1%, and the market share reached 73.1%; Among them, the shipment volume of Android phones was 398 million, accounting for 94.0% of the shipment volume of smartphones during the same period.

In addition to traditional mobile phone manufacturers, China's smart phone market has attracted many emerging manufacturers to participate in it, especially the recent upsurge of Internet enterprises to do mobile phones has stirred the nerves of the industry. Alibaba, Baidu, Qihoo 360, and others are all making efforts in the smartphone market. In the coming years, at least 500 million users of feature phones in China will switch to smartphones. Users in low-end consumer markets such as India, the Middle East, and South America will gradually switch to smartphones, thereby driving demand in the smartphone market. The investment potential of China's smartphone industry is enormous, and the development prospects are optimistic.

The 2018-2025 Report on the Current Situation and Development Prospects of China's Smartphone Market is a comprehensive exposition and argumentation of the smartphone industry. It systematically organizes and analyzes the data obtained during the research process, and presents arguments and analyzes evidence through charts, statistical results, and literature materials, either vertically or horizontally. The research and analysis of the current situation and development prospects of the Chinese smartphone market from 2018 to 2025 report truthfully reflects the objective situation of the smartphone industry. All descriptions, explanations, inferences, and citations are appropriate, with accurate wording and scientific conceptual expression.

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