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Phone touch screen repair: easy to complete the five steps of separation, debonding, laminating, screen fitting, and defoaming. Screen separator, glue remover, Pouch laminator, laminating machine and automatic defoaming machine are required, which are convenient, fast and accurate.

1. To separate the broken glass plate on the LCD screen from the LCD screen, a screen separator is required. The specific usage method of the separator is to turn on the power, raise the temperature to the set temperature, place the separated LCD screen on the heating plate, fix it with vacuum adsorption, and separate it with fine steel wire.

2. Clear the residual glue on the LCD screen after separation, and use a glue remover to quickly remove it. Also turn on the power, raise the temperature, and place the separated LCD on the heating plate. Then press down the side with the blade and push the heating plate inward, which is equivalent to scraping off the glue with a blade. Afterwards, a second wipe with adhesive remover is required to achieve a thorough cleaning effect.

3. Paste oca glue or polarizer, place the LCD screen in the mold of the Pouch laminator, align the oca glue or polarizer, and then push the push panel on the Pouch laminator to the side of the LCD screen, which is equivalent to the horizontal movement during manual film covering, and the speed remains constant.

4. Fit OCA adhesive and glass cover plate: Turn on the laminating machine switch, align the LCD screen and cover plate with the water glue mold on the outside, and then take them out and place them on the heating plate. Then press the start buttons on the left and right sides of the lamination machine, and the lamination machine will automatically perform the lamination process, which only takes a few seconds to achieve perfect lamination.

5. Clear the large and small vacuum bubbles that appear on the LCD screen after fitting. To use a defoaming machine, first turn on the defoaming machine, place the LCD screen that needs to be defoaming, close the sliding door, press the switch, and after a few minutes, the defoaming machine will be automatically completed. Turn off the power supply of the defoaming machine, and take out the finished product.

After screen separation, degumming, film covering, screen fitting and defoaming, the mobile phone screen replacement and maintenance steps have been completed, and the screen separator, degumming machine, Pouch laminator, touch screen fitting machine and automatic defoaming machine have been used.

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