How much does it cost to replace a broken phone screen?


The phone screen is broken, and maintenance usually requires replacing the screen. Each phone model is different, and the repair price is also different. The prices for going to after-sales repair and third-party repair shops are also different.

Generally, there are two situations when a mobile phone screen is broken:

1. External screen failure

The touch screen of the mobile phone is normal, only the external screen is broken. The mobile phone screen shows no black dots or lines, and the screen operation is sensitive. This situation is that the external screen is broken. To go to a repair shop, you only need to replace the external screen of the phone. The normal replacement of the external screen for a mobile phone is around 100-300, and the replacement of the external screen for a curved screen is around 300-500. Replacing the external screen requires professional equipment and technology, and door-to-door repair is not supported, Generally, it is a professional repair shop that repairs and picks up items as they go to the store.

2. Internal screen failure

If the internal screen of your mobile phone is broken, the screen may experience the following situations: the phone screen may be blurred, the display image may not be clear, there may be lines or black spots on the screen, the LCD screen may leak, and some or all of the screen may malfunction.

Once the internal screen of a mobile phone is damaged, repairing it will be relatively expensive. The original screen usually has an LCD backlight screen of around 300, an OLED screen of around 500-800, and a curved screen of around 1000. It should be noted that if your phone's internal screen is damaged, the external screen also needs to be replaced together.

During the maintenance process of changing the screen of our mobile phone, the prices we pay at official repair shops and third-party repair shops are also different

1. Go to the official after-sales service point to replace the screen

If your phone screen is broken, going to an official after-sales service store usually only allows you to replace the screen assembly. Regardless of whether your phone screen is damaged on the outside or inside, the screen assembly should be replaced uniformly. Regular after-sales service points also require users to leave the replaced old parts for screen repair.

2. Go to a third-party repair shop to change the screen

Third party repair points can generally repair your phone's screen based on its condition. If only the external screen is damaged, you can replace the phone's external screen separately. If the internal screen is damaged, you can only replace the screen assembly.

You need to pay attention to changing the screen at a third-party repair shop:

a. Not all third-party repair shops are professional. Some of them send their phones to other repair shops in the same industry for repair, earning a profit on their own. These stores usually sell and repair phones, which are not professional and do a lot of business. Regular and professional repair shops usually only do repair work, while others do not.

b. Do not trust door-to-door repair when replacing the external screen of your phone

c. The best way to replace a mobile phone screen is to have it repaired in a physical store. The price for replacing the external screen of the phone is agreed upon on-site, and there are issues such as whether the risk is included or not. Some online stores use the name of replacing the external screen at a low price, but after going there, they need to replace the assembly for various reasons due to damage to the internal screen. The final price may be 3-4 times that of the time.
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