Do These 7 Things to Get the Most out of Your New iPhone


Do These 7 Things to Get the Most out of Your New iPhone

You just bought a brand new iPhone 14, transferred everything on your old phone, and now you're ready to play with your shiny new toy. What's the first thing you'll do? Obviously, you'll go through the apps you've had on your old iPhone for a long time and probably marvel at how fast they load and how smooth and responsive everything is.


And then what? Here are our suggestions for 7 things you should do when using your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. If your iPhone 14 is your first experience with iOS 16, you should know there are a lot of great new features to try there too!


1. Update to iOS 16.2

If you're using an iPhone 14 series phone, it comes with iOS 16. but it may not have the latest version, which is iOS 16.2. it came out in mid-December and brings several new features, including Apple Music Sing, which turns your favorite songs into karaoke songs, the Freeform app for cross-device collaboration, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. There are also many bug fixes and security updates, so you should install it as soon as possible. To get it, go to Settings, then click General and Software Update.


2. Adjust the display settings

Your new iPhone 14 Pro is the first iPhone that's always on, so you should check it out first. You can enable it in Settings > Display and Brightness and enable Always on. You can also check out the settings for hiding wallpapers and notifications.


Some display settings may be much more useful on iPhone 14, but you may not find these settings as useful depending on what iPhone you were using before. open > Display and Brightness settings and try some of these options. Dark mode is easier on the eyes in dark light and saves battery life on the OLED display. If you don't want it on all the time, tap the Auto switch and choose between "Light until Sunset" (toggles based on time of day) or "Custom Schedule" (lets you set a personalized schedule).