Why Does the iPhone TFT Incell Screen Assembly Sometimes Have Ghost Touches


Why Does the iPhone TFT Incell Screen Assembly Sometimes Have Ghost Touches

Some cell phone parts wholesalers reported that a few users may experience random touching after installing iPhone TFT incel aftermarket screen. So what causes the "ghost touch" phenomenon on cell phone Incell LCD?


1. Static electricity problem:

Cell phone static electricity is easy to touch the "activation screen", so that the screen simulation is touched, indirectly leading to the phone screen jumping and failure.

2. Mobile phone high temperature problem:

Generally speaking, cell phones are not resistant to high temperatures, if exposed to high temperatures for a long time, the phone screen will certainly be slightly malfunctioning, random screen jumping. For example, playing with the phone in the sun, or even playing games, sometimes this happens.

3. The problem of unstable voltage:

When charging, the phone screen will go out of control and flutter around. There is also a situation when the phone battery is low, the phone voltage is unstable, the screen will be intermittently out of control.

4. The problem of knocking down the phone:

If the phone is dropped, it may cause many malfunctions. For example, the phone will automatically touch the screen randomly.


Why SCRC LCD is rarely the case?SCRC iPhone incell LCD uses LTPS LCD as the raw material. It has the feature of low power consumption and avoids screen ghosting caused by high power consumption of the screen. In addition, SCRC incell LCD is designed with stable performance, stable voltage and current, and no signal interference to FPC components. The screen is sensitive to touch without interruption and interference.

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