The Ultimate Guide to iPad LCD Screen Repair


In the iPad repair industry, iPad aftermarket screens are a relatively small market in terms of demand. iPad LCD screens consist of three main products: touch glass, LCD inner screen, and iPad LCD assembly. iPad LCD quality levels can be divided into the original screen, original FOG screen, and assembled screen. Next, I'll tell you how to distinguish the quality of iPad screens.

What is the Original iPad Screen?
Generally speaking, what is referred to as an original iPad screen in mobile phone and tablet repair shops is mainly from the original disassembled screen, which has the same screen display and touch sensitivity as the original one.
What is the Original FOG of the iPad?
The original FOG LCD raw material for iPad is the same as the original iPad, and the display and touch sensitivity are almost identical to the original iPad. The price is slightly cheaper than the original product, making it a more cost-effective product. It is already widely used in Europe, the USA and the domestic market.
What is an iPad Assembly Screen?
The iPad assembly screens can be assembled and modified using screens from other tablet brands. As the iPad screen uses LCD screen technology, the technology in this area is now relatively mature and the quality of the raw materials produced by the various manufacturers is very small. There is no difference in the touch of the assembled screens from different brands of tablets, the colour temperature will be cooler and the screen display will be slightly worse than the original.
iPad Touch Screen
The difference in quality between the original iPad touch screen, the original FOG, and the aftermarket assembled screen is not great. They all use G+G technology. The screen has 91% light transmission, 32 touch channels, no polarisation problems and no rainbow patterns.
iPad LCD Internal Screen
The iPad LCD internal screen consists of the iPad FOG + cable and small accessories. Some early and low-end iPad models are only available in iPad LCD internal screen and touchscreen. iPad LCD internal screen products can be distinguished by their high colour gamut quality. iPad LCD internal screens made with ESR HD brightening backlight material can achieve primary colour image quality displays.
iPad LCD Assembly
iPad LCD assemblies are mainly used in high-end iPad models such as the iPad Pro. iPad LCD assemblies require fewer replacements and most screens are damaged by touchscreen glass. iPad LCD assemblies have the advantage of fusing glass and liquid crystal, industrial OCA vacuum bonding and defoaming, and better quality. iPad LCD assemblies vary in quality because of the assembler's quality Control standards. iPad LCD assemblies can be constructed to a size that is 1:1 with the original.
Which iPad screen is better to replace when the iPad screen is broken? If the touch glass is damaged, it is recommended to choose the original rear pressed screen or G+G process assembled screen, which is cheap and technically mature. When the iPad LCD inner screen and iPad LCD components are damaged, consider choosing the original FOG screen with good quality and reasonable price.

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