5 Main Differences Between Batteries with Used TI Chip and Original TI Chip


Nowadays, there are many unscrupulous merchants in the market, using used TI chip batteries to pretend to be brand new original TI chip batteries for sale. We SCRCTECH focus on good product quality and great after-sales service to continuously provide our customers with competitive products in the market! Here is a comparative analysis of the difference between used TI chip batteries and original TI chip batteries.

Surface of the Chip
Used TI chips are removed through a used protection board. The surface of the chip is easily damaged and is usually coated with a layer of glue. Damaged TI chips have hidden dangers such as premature shutdown and insufficient discharge.

External Appearance Comparison
Brand new original TI chip batteries usually have a neat appearance, with bonded components and rounded contact positions with the battery;
However, used TI chip batteries have a rough appearance and no protection measures on the surface of the components. The new TI chip battery adopts small size design scheme and strong filtering ability, which reduces signal interference and other unstable factors.

iOS Upgrade Supported
After upgrading iOS14, iPhone XS/XR and above models with non-TI - IC batteries cannot be charged. But the original TI IC battery supports iOS14 system upgrade.

Manufacturing Process Comparison
Dispensing process is an indispensable process for the APPLE battery protection board effect:

Due to the small resistance of the encapsulated capacitor, the thrust is very small, it is easy to be knocked off during production and transportation.
During the production and transportation process, the tested batteries in the hands of customers will have various problems, after the glue is applied, there will be no such problems.

Electronic products, the most afraid of static electricity, especially in the autumn and winter season. But after the dispensing can avoid such problems.

4)Anti-short Circuit.
Electronic components in the assembly or assembly after the transport process, especially in the wet, cold environment, exposed solder joints are prone to weak short circuit, resulting in battery swelling or even leakage.

Due to the presence of flux in SMT soldering, the solder pins of parts in contact with air are prone to oxidation. The glue we use can be very close to the PCB to prevent this phenomenon

ITM Protection IC

The new TI chip battery uses Samsung ITM protection IC, which has excellent performance. Used TI chip battery IC protection soldering process is rough and has serious heat problem.

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