FAQ about mobile phone battery, what you want to know is here!


Yesterday, a customer told me that the battery he bought could not be charged. I asked him when he bought the cell phone battery. He said that it had been left unused since he bought it in September last year. Recently, he thought about it and installed it. After replacing it, he found that it could not be started or charged. I'm really speechless. As an employee in the mobile phone battery industry, I think it's necessary to sort out several common FAQs of mobile phone batteries, so as to prevent everyone from doing stupid things again!

Q1: can the cell phone battery be stored for a long time?

The answer is No. It is generally recommended that the storage time of mobile phone batteries should be about three months, and the longest should not exceed half a year. Even if it is not used, the battery of the mobile phone is always discharging, and the voltage will be lower than the rated voltage for a long time, so it cannot be started and charged normally.

Q2: the battery of the mobile phone will soon run out of power. Is it time to replace the battery?

The answer is to consider comprehensively. Because the standby time of the mobile phone battery is related to many factors, such as the signal strength of the operator, the use time of various applications, the screen brightness, the sound level, the GPS signal strength, etc., and also related to the cleanliness of the battery contact point, the aging degree of the mobile phone hardware and circuits. It is not possible to judge whether there is a battery problem by a single condition, but it should be considered comprehensively.

Q3: the mobile phone has been replaced with a new battery. Why can't it be as durable and smooth as a new mobile phone?

Even if a new battery is replaced, due to the change of the environment in which the mobile phone is located and the aging of its own hardware and circuit, the power consumption of the mobile phone has increased greatly compared with that of the new mobile phone, so it is difficult to restore the durability and smoothness of the new mobile phone.

Q4: is it the battery problem that the mobile phone is hot?

The cell phone is hot and hot. Most of the time, it is not the battery. When the cell phone battery is working normally, it will not generate heat. It is just a "warehouse" of electric energy storage. The temperature of the warehouse is affected by the surrounding environment. Therefore, if you feel that the battery of the mobile phone is heating, one reason is that the internal circuit of the mobile phone is aging and the internal resistance of the mobile phone is too large; Another reason is poor heat dissipation of mobile phones; Also, it is prohibited to play large-scale games with mobile phones for a long time and play mobile phones while charging.

Q5: will the cell phone explode if it is charged for a long time?

Because the current mobile phone batteries are all lithium-ion polymer batteries, the possibility of explosion is extremely low compared with the previous ones. When the lithium-ion battery is charged, there is usually a protection circuit to protect it, so as to prevent damage to the lithium battery caused by overvoltage and overcurrent. When the battery is fully charged, the protection system will automatically recognize that the high current will change to trickle charging, so that the mobile phone will not continue to charge. Therefore, if there is no fault in the charger and protection circuit of the lithium-ion battery, even if it is charged overnight, it will not cause damage to the battery structure, nor will it cause fire and explosion of the battery.
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