What happened to the vertical stripes on the mobile screen?


The reasons for the vertical stripes on the mobile phone screen are as follows:

1. The line of the mobile phone display screen is faulty, and the flat line of the display screen is in poor contact.

2. The LCD screen of the mobile phone is broken. The squeeze of the LCD screen will cause the gap between the LCD to become larger, resulting in black lines.

3. The flat line of the source driving circuit of the mobile phone LCD is faulty, or the driving IC is damaged, or there are damaged and faulty components in the peripheral circuit of the IC.

4. After the mobile phone is flooded, try to start it or run it, which causes the screen color lines (red, blue, green) inside the mobile phone to burn out, resulting in a certain area unable to be displayed, resulting in vertical lines.

5. The tail cable of the mobile phone display is broken or the battery that supplies power to the tail cable is broken, resulting in power failure.
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